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In Depth: Our Corporate Travel Management

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The Number One Reason to Use Greenwood Travel

     We offer the best of both worlds in business travel management. The buying power and technology of our multi-billion dollar supplier combined with the personal and friendly service of a locally-owned travel management company. We work only with cutting edge technology which allows us to search ALL available fares. The options we offer save you time and will lower your overall travel costs. Our experienced consultants work with you to secure the best fares available anywhere, and provide you with alternative travel options to save you time. Our staff will work with you, free of charge, to develop an effective business travel policy. We offer travel management reports that fit your travel patterns and needs. Today’s travel environment is complex. We urge you to evaluate our integral services and compare them to your current booking methods. What have you got to lose?

Reason Number Two to Use Greenwood Travel

     We shop all the alternatives to find you the lowest prices whether you are looking for a round trip domestic or international flight. Greenwood Travel offers all alternatives to find the best value and lowest available fares. We also have excellent hotel programs that allow us to find excellent corporate rates at thousands of locations around the world. Most fares are included in our reservation system, so we control the record making it possible for us to facilitate exchanges and refunds. It also means we can void the ticket within 24 hours. If the ticket is purchased on the web or from the airline direct, tickets cannot be voided. Through our customer service we keep you updated on seat assignments and schedules in order for you to be a better informed traveler.

Reason Number Three to Use Greenwood Travel

     Greenwood consultants regularly communicate with companies who are booking all their travel on the web, assuming they are getting lower fares, and saving by not paying service fees. We’ve also identified a few areas that most businesses are not aware of that could be costing them thousands of dollars each year. There are ten variables that need to be considered when booking business travel to ensure you get the best price. They were identified by a corporate traveler and published in a trade magazine. Once you’ve purchased your ticket online, it’s a done deal unless you utilize your travel agency’s booking engine. It if’s a non-refundable ticket and you need to make a change, chances are you will probably lose the value of that ticket. If it’s purchased through Greenwood Travel however, the ticket can be voided or exchanged. We manage every agency booking, making you aware of rules and restrictions associated with each ticket and making sure that your corporate travel procedures, policies and negotiated vendor programs are incorporated into both your online and customer to agent booking.

Reason Number Four to Use Greenwood Travel

     Greenwood Travel is committed to offering the best alternatives for your travel management. Randomly booking on the Internet or calling airlines directly won’t give you the personalized experience that we offer. We are committed to solving your personal needs. You aren’t just another number to us. We have your best interest and will be there to work for you. We understand your company’s need to manage both travel costs and corporate reporting. Whether you contact us by phone, e-mail, or dropping by for a few minutes in person, we have the ability to offer you monthly airline reports that you need to track and monitor your travel costs and policy. Additional services include the ability to void a transaction, a personal contact if you need one to help with travel-related problems and industry insights, and our e-resources.

And Finally…

     Our actual results: below are highlights from client testimonials on the services we provide.

-       We go the extra mile for you when emergencies like bad weather or technical difficulties occur. We know where you are if you are having flight problems and will contact you to ensure everything is alright.

-       Our negotiated fares save our clients valuable travel dollars. Depending on your travel patterns, we can provide you with cost saving services by using special fares not available to other agencies or websites.

-       New clients have told us they have no idea how they had been losing thousands of dollars each year due to not tracking unused tickets, the single largest contributing factor in increased travel costs. We track unused e-tickets and let you know who didn’t fly. We then refund the ticket or apply the value toward a future booking.

-       In a report for one of our corporate clients we showed that we had voided many airline tickets during the past six months. The airlines direct and generic travel websites do not void tickets. Without the ability to void you are left having to exchange each ticket and incur airline exchange fees.

Many clients over the years have told us they had no clue what a difference a well-developed travel policy could make. It saves the company money, makes it easier to negotiate specials rates, and most importantly informs all travelers of the rules for travel within your company.

All examples are real hard-dollar savings and/or cost reductions as a result of booking with Greenwood. However, they only scratch the surface. We also have special pricing with major hotels and hotel chains. Add these benefits to our consulting which can help you develop an effective travel management policy, as well as our ability to enforce that policy to whatever degree you desire. Greenwood Travel as your corporate travel management consultants means you’ll not only receive the best price options, but you’ll receive services that are key to your travel management!