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Travel Insurance

- Protect Yourself and Your Investment

Whether you have purchased non-refundable airline tickets or a cruise or tour package, we at Greenwood Travel and Cruise suggest that you protect yourself and your investment by purchasing travel insurance.  We have found that TravelGuard provides a variety of products which are both competitive in their pricing and complete in their coverage.

Please click the link below to visit them on their website, review the products that they offer, and purchase insurance on line.  Be sure to read the terms and conditions for the various policies carefully to ensure that you are getting the coverage you desire.  Enjoy your journey and rest easy that "you are covered."

Booking Tip:  Please note that pre-existing conditions are often excluded from any coverage.  Some of the policies will waive this restriction if insurance is purchased within a few days of the trip/ticket purchase.  If pre-existing conditions are an issue, be sure to book your insurance immediately.