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With the information requirements on each cruise passenger, the cruise lines must receive detailed profiles on each passenger. Here are the sites to supply this information before your departure that will expedite your boarding process on your next cruise.

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      It is important for you to know that the U.S. Customs and Immigrations Department now requires each passenger traveling outside the Unites States to supply cruise lines and tour operators with names, address, phone numbers, social security numbers and emergency contact information.  In order to expedite the cruise boarding process on your day of departure, we recommend that you provide this information to the cruise lines at least this information a minimum of 30 days prior to travel.Therefore we have supplied the websites of the major cruise lines so you can submit this important information at your leisure.  Please note if the information required is not supplied to US Customs and Immigrations your boarding process may be delayed or denied.

 *Please stay posted for a proper link to Carnival's Online Check-in Page.

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