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Greenwood’s Corporate Travel Commitment

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

* We know how to satisfy the needs of both your company and your travelers.

* We understand how critical cost savings are for the business traveler. Prices are climbing higher and budgets are getting smaller, but Greenwood is willing to work with your company and traveler(s) to provide the best experience possible.

* Each corporate account receives special recognition through direct and indirect cost controls, unused e-ticket trading and refunding, travel policy monitoring and developing, as well as "peace of mind," knowing that all travel documents are in one central location.

* Each corporate account is special to us, so we research various booking and routing alternatives.

* We assist you in managing your travel so you don't have to spend precious time booking your trip.

* We understand that your corporate travelers are the backbone of your company, and we know that traveling for business is not an easy job. Your corporate travelers expect service; Greenwood Travel delivers a no-risk, hassle-free experience.

Why use Greenwood Over Other Competitors?

Our Advantages:

     (1) As travel management specialists so we understand arrangements unique to corporate travel.
     (2)    We research alternatives with leading technology to find solutions, low fares, and options.
     (3)    We provide significant savings compared on average to those found Internet surfing.
     (4)    We offer waivers.
     (5)    We act as your advocate using our industry clout.
     (6)    We provide seamless ticket exchanges, refunds & cancellations – which saves you time and money.